Activities - Rafting & Hiking

Major activities of nature lovers are hiking and white water rafting. Durmitor is extraordinary mountain for both activities (hiking and climbing) with more than 50 peaks over 2000 meters of altitude.

White water rafting

Tara river canyon-80 km in length is the deepest canyon in all of Europe 1300 m,the second deepest in world,just after Colorado canyon in USA. Waterfalls,white waters,caves and wonderful flourishing vegetation make this canyon special as well as your enjoyment during wite water rafting.

Prices for white water rafting

  • half day 12 km 50.00 euro per person
  • full day 36 km 110.00 euro per person
  • two days 96 km 200.00 euro per person

We can organize for you white water rafting, picnics or safari depending on your interest!

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